Dental Crowns in Tucson, AZ

Dental Crowns in tucson

Do you want to feel like royalty with dental crowns for your teeth? If so, a crown may be used to completely cap a tooth and prevent it from further damage. Many types of crowns are available today that can serve you in both functional and cosmetic aspects. We, at Smile Tucson, can give you crowns that can last for years; you will eventually feel that they’ve become a part of you.

Dental crowns are a great alternative for a decayed tooth or a tooth that has been broken but not severely damaged. Crowns strengthen the teeth and restore their natural appearance. If you have broken, chipped, slightly decayed or discolored teeth, crowns can restore and protect your teeth. When properly cared for, they can last for years. They come in different materials and shades depending on your needs. Dr. Garcia will recommend the best type of crowns to suit your specific dental concerns and goals.

There are porcelain crowns that greatly resemble the color of real teeth, as well as crowns made of certain metals, such as gold. Porcelain is currently the most preferred material because it blends well with the natural color of the teeth. These tooth-colored crowns are the best choices for visible teeth like the front teeth. Porcelain crowns are also strong and can give you function and aesthetics for many years. Dr. Garcia will teach you how to properly care for your crowns.

Dental crowns require more than one visit to Dr. Garcia. On your first visit, she will study your case and prepare the tooth for the procedure. The tooth is cleaned and then filed to make room for a dental crown. Dr. Garcia will then ask you to return on a later date for the placement of your permanent crowns. During this short waiting time, you will be provided with a temporary crown so you can eat and speak normally while your permanent crown is being manufactured.

Dr. Garcia is highly skilled in creating strong, durable dental crowns. She is a valued member of the Tucson, AZ community and is committed to making your dental experience very pleasant. Contact us today and experience high quality general and cosmetic dentistry in Tucson, AZ.